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Heather Mills Talks Newcastle Vegan Festival 2014

How proud am I as a Geordie and fellow vegan to see such a festival appear in the heart of Northumberland.

When I was a kid meat was considered the cornerstone of a good diet. Luckily for us it was too expensive, so though we felt deprived at the time, we were blessed, little did we know..

Many years later when I became a vegan I realised that an alternate to meat would help others go through the transitional period to save their health, the animals, and the environment.

Now, VBites Foods is the biggest meatless meat manufacturer in the world. All dreams of saving lives, both animal and human are do-able, you must just take that leap of faith.

Visit the Newcastle Vegan festival and educate yourself for the better. Everyone can heal through a plant based diet, and the bonus is saving 100″s of lives in your lifetime…….

Heather Mills

Vegan Festival Newcastle upon Tyn

Its finally here.

At the time of writing this we are just over 24 hours from the first vegan festival to be held in Newcastle upon Tyne. Organising this event alongside studying full time at Northumbria University was a challenge to say the least, but it has finally arrived.

The purpose of this vegan festival as I would have thought most other similar festivals, is to promote a cruelty free and healthier lifestyle. If even a single individual questions were their food or clothes comes from, I would consider this festival a success, that said our aim is to educate to preach.

The overwhelming feedback I have had from the general public has been crazy, the number of emails, texts and PM’s I receive everyday was not expected, although replying to these was a full time job on its own (no im not exaggerating), it goes to show that consumers are more aware than ever.

over the last 7 or so month there have been…

  • 10,000 + Emails sent
  • 1000′s of tweets & FB posts
  • 17,000 + Twitter followers
  • 1000′s of FB likes
  • Dozens of radio and blog interviews
  • 1000′s of hours of marketing
  • Dozens on volunteers
  • Venue change
  • Date change
  • Distribution of over 60,000 flyers & 2000 Posters
  • + other stuff that I cant remember..

So I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this project, I would also like to thank everyone who comes to the event, everyone who walks through the door tomorrow will be making the world a little bit nicer, as all our ticket and tombola sales will be donated charity (for more details click here).

Vegan Festival



Peter Dinklage Vegan

Peter Dinklage Vegan

Peter Dinklage Vegan. Eating a plant-based diet is the only way to ensure that you’re not hurting animals or the environment with your food choices. The footage in Peter’s video exposes routine abuse in factory farms, and your decision to go vegan would be the first step toward putting an end to the suffering.

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