vegetarian gladiators

The Roman gladiators vegetarian

The study has been carried out by academics from the Medical University of Vienna in Austria and the University of Bern in Switzerland.

They found the gladiator diet was grain-based and mostly meat-free.

The examination of gladiator bones also found evidence they drank a drink made from plant ashes.

This ash drink was a form of health-boosting tonic to help gladiators recover after fighting and training.

“Plant ashes were evidently consumed to fortify the body after physical exertion and to promote better bone healing,” says Fabian Kanz, from the department of forensic medicine at the Medical University of Vienna.

He said it was like the way “we take magnesium and calcium, in the form of effervescent tablets, for example, following physical exertion”.

The conclusions about this ash drink were based on measuring levels of strontium in the gladiators’ bones.

The bone analysis was based on excavations of the graves of 22 gladiators from about 1,800 years ago in the Roman town of Ephesus, now in Turkey.

The bones revealed that the typical food eaten by gladiators was wheat, barley and beans – and this echoed the contemporary term for gladiators as the “barley men”.

There was little sign of meat or dairy products in the diet of almost all of these professional fighters, who performed in front of Roman audiences.

But there were bones from two people that seemed to have a different pattern, revealing a diet much higher in animal protein and lower in beans and pulses.

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Israel to host worlds largest vegan festival.

Israel to host worlds largest vegan festival

Israel to host worlds largest vegan festival. 

Israel will host the world’s largest vegan festival, October 13 at Park Leumi in Ramat Gan from noon to 11pm. Some 15,000 ticket-holders are expected at Vegan Fest, ( which will feature 100 food stalls, top musicians, celebrity guests and a full roster of speakers including Prof. Richard Schwartz, president of the Jewish Vegetarians of North America.

This may surprise anyone who knows how much Israelis prize their lamb and turkey shawarma and their chicken schnitzel.

But according to the latest statistics, Israel has the largest percentage of vegans per capita in the world – nearly four percent of the population, or about 300,000 — in addition to about 560,000 vegetarians. (Vegans consume no animal products at all, while vegetarians may eat dairy, eggs and other animal-derived foods.)

Omri Paz, 32, founder of VeganFriendly, organized Israel’s first Festival for Animals and meat-free Independence Day barbecue last year. These were deemed a great success – about 10,000 people came to the animal festival, which focused on veganism.

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Paul McCartney Meat Free Monday

Paul McCartney Meat Free Monday

Musician calls on politicians and the British public to commit to a weekly meat-free day to raise awareness on the environmental impacts of eating meat, ahead of the UN climate summit on Tuesday. McCartney implores viewers to pledge their support on the campaign website.