Dotsie Bausch Vegan Olympian Cyclist

Dotsie Bausch Vegan Olympian Cyclist

Dotsie Bausch Olympian Cyclist. The road to healing from anorexia led former model Dotsie Bausch to pursue cycling and eventually to a silver medal in the 2012 Olympics. In this inspiring talk she reminds listeners to “be your best you” and challenges them to make healthy changes in their own lives. Bausch urges people to reevaluate the way they think about food and the impact eating meat has on animals and the environment.

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In 2007, after spending 10 years as a member of the U.S. National Road Cycling Team, Bausch tried track cycling for the first time and amazingly rode on to win two national titles on the track that same year. She continued her success on the track, breaking a world record along the way, and in August 2012, Bausch became an Olympian and competed on the track in the London Summer Olympics, where she won a silver medal in the team pursuit event. While Bausch has scored major victories on the bike, perhaps her greatest victory came from resurrecting her own life from the depths of severe eating disorders, which threatened to take her life over a decade ago after a promising modeling career in New York City.

Impossible Foods New Burger

Impossible Foods New Burger

To be honest I think it does not look that nice ( a bit too real ), but anything meatless must be a good thing.

One startup believes it’s cracked the code on fake meat that looks like meat, bleeds like meat, and even sizzles on the grill. WSJ’s Evelyn Rusli stops by Impossible Foods for a taste.

Impossible Foods, Inc. has raised $108 million in a Series D round led by UBS that was joined by Viking Global Investors, among others. Earlier investors, including Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Mr. Gates also participated, the company said. Founded in 2011 by Stanford University biochemist Patrick O. Brown, Impossible Foods is creating plant-based foods that it says taste like meat or dairy equivalents but use fewer resources, agriculturally and environmentally speaking, to produce.

Vegan Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises launches vegan menus

This year we were fortunate to go on one of these amazing ships, sadly at the time vegan options were few, that said when we asked for vegan alternatives they said they would make what ever for us, but with in the last few days there has been some good news.

Many cruise lines now offer vegan or vegetarian options as part of their on-board culinary offering, Costa Cruises have gone one step further and created a dedicated vegan and vegetarian menu that will be available on cruise ships.

Created in response to the growing demand for such cuisine, the menu cuts out all dairy products and even eggs, instead using ingredients derived from plants that will produce the same bold Italian flavours that reflect Costa’s proud Mediterranean roots.

The comprehensive menu covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers and dessert, and includes an array of Italian delicacies such as Venetian ‘ris e bisi’ soup, and a delicious trenette with pesto as part of the Luguria regional menu.

Other culinary specials include a dish consisting of celeriac and creamy caciocavallo cheese, a vegan burger made with kidney beans, a delicious rocket and apricot salad, and a subtle cauliflower and fig tempura with porcini mushrooms.

Antonio Brizzi, Costa corporate travelling chef, said: “Vegetarian dishes have always been part of Italian culinary tradition and we are delighted to introduce them as a full and separate menu on board our cruise ships.

“We aim to fulfil the needs of our customers and ensure they enjoy their time on our ships.”