edinburgh vegan festival

Edinburgh Vegan Festival 2015

Leading on from the huge success of last years vegan festival held in Newcastle upon Tyne, we have two new dates for 2015, first up we are revisiting Newcastle upon Tyne on the 4th July and then on to Edinburgh for their first vegan festival on the 8th August.

For details on venues : http://veganfestival.co.uk/venue/

For details on ticket sales : http://veganfestival.co.uk/attend/

For details on exhibiting : http://veganfestival.co.uk/registration/

All other enquirers : enquiries@VeganFestival.co.uk

Hope to see you there.


vegan ikeas meatballs

Ikea to roll out VEGAN meatballs across its UK

Ikea to roll out VEGAN meatballs across its UK. A staggering 11 billion of them are sold every year in the UK alone – and they have been cited as one of the best reasons for visiting an Ikea store.
And now the furniture giant is planning a twist to its famous Kottbullar meatballs by introducing a vegan version from April.

The decision came about after heavy lobbying from animal rights activists PETA, which successfully convinced the Swedish home giants to add a meatless version to its restaurant menu.
PETA’s petition alone snagged 25,000 signatures, GrubStreet reported, and the outcry was enough for Ikea to confirm that the new meatballs will be available in their restaurants from Spring.
The website revealed that an Ikea representative told animal-rights group Viva! that the ‘the veggie ball does not have any animal content and is therefore also suitable for vegans’.

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vegan milk industry

Vegan groups under attack by milk industry

The milk industry is fed up with all the sourness over dairy.

As Americans continue turning away from milk, an industry group is pushing back at its critics with a social media campaign trumpeting the benefits of milk. The association says it needs to act because attitudes about milk are deteriorating more rapidly, with vegan groups, non-dairy competitors and other perceived enemies getting louder online.

Julia Kadison, CEO of Milk Processor Education Program, which represents milk companies, says the breaking point came last year when the British Medical Journal published a study suggesting drinking lots of milk could lead to earlier deaths and higher incidents of fractures. Even though the study urged a cautious interpretation of its findings, it prompted posts online about the dangers of drinking milk.

“I said, ‘That’s enough.’ We can’t have these headlines that ‘Milk Can Kill You’ and not stand up for the truth,” Kadison said in a phone interview. She said MilkPEP’s consumer surveys have indicated a noticeable deterioration in attitudes about milk over the past year or so, although they declined to give specific survey results.

On Tuesday, the “Get Real” social media campaign will be announced at a dairy industry gathering in Boca Raton, Florida, in conjunction with the National Dairy Council and Dairy Management Inc., which represent dairy farmers. The campaign is intended to drown out milk’s detractors with positive posts about milk on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Milk brands, their employees and others in the industry will post the messages and direct people to a website where they can get more information.

Online ads will also tout the superiority of dairy milk over almond milk, which is surging in popularity.

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