Vegan Festival 2014 Welcomes Guilt Free Ethical Shopping

I am passionate about animal welfare and this has been the driving force behind establishing Guilt Free Shop. I don’t think that for us to look and feel good that we need to have tested products on our furry friends who don’t have a voice to say ‘No’. That is why every product we sell at Guilt Free is Cruelty Free – not tested on animals. We have a rigorous procedure that we go through with our suppliers to ensure that they share our values on this.

Also, if you are like me, you may have found it difficult to buy high quality, cruelty free products in one place. I felt I could do something about that so Guilt Free Shop was born! What I love is that most of the products we sell are not just high quality and cruelty free but have other ethical features such as recyclable packaging, all are suitable for vegetarians and many are vegan – see our Guilt Free at a Glance Checklist accompanying every product.

Oh and finally, as a fellow consumer I always expect excellence in customer service. I promise that if you have a query or need to get in touch with our Customer Delight team we will endeavour to meet and exceed your expectations of service – after all without you, we don’t have a Guilt Free Shop!

So, go Guilt Free and feel good about looking good…

For more detail on Guilt Free Ethical Shopping


Veganism & Vegetarianism on the rise (Video)

Talk show from CSUN On Point : Guests: Vegans Marilyn Peterson, Keith Sikora, Dr. Diana Shore.

The show focuses on the growth of veganism and vegetarianism in the west, some interesting facts that you may or may not know.

Vegan tuckbox

Vegan Festival 2014 Welcomes Vegan Tuckbox

We are would like to welcomes Vegan Tuckbox to vegan festival 2014 : Newcastle upon Tyne

Vegan Tuck Box contains a surprise selection of 10 vegan snack and treat foods hand-picked by two lovely vegans and delivered straight to your door. Each box will contain 10 new or hard to find vegan snacks so that you can be the first to try new products on the market. The products in the box change each month.

We are passionate about vegan products and want to bring you the best snacks and treats. We created Vegan Tuck Box to increase the availability of vegan food and to make it easier for you to lead a compassionate lifestyle.

We save you the hassle of searching for vegan snacks and treats by bringing you 10 exciting goodies each month. We make ordering easy, with no need for a monthly commitment. You can order a single box and if you like it and want to stay with us you can take out a monthly subscription to save the trouble of reordering. A lovely box of vegan treats will arrive on your doorstep each month. It’s also the perfect gift for vegan and non-vegan friends and family.

For more details on the Vegan Tuckbox