Pam Anderson’s Vegan Millions of Milkshakes

The former Baywatch star is famed for the enviable curves that made her a sex symbol around the world.

Mother-of-two Pamela is said to shun unhealthy snacks in favour of a stringent diet.

“Pamela takes her health really seriously and sticks to a vegan diet of grains, beans, tofu and fruit. She never eats junk food,” a source told British magazine Closer.

The blonde bombshell also reportedly spends five mornings a week in the gym. Pamela, 46, does a range of exercises to ensure she works all of her muscle groups.

“Pamela works out with her trainer, doing long cardio workouts followed by an hour of strength -training exercises focusing on her abs, thighs and arms,” the insider continued.

“Her body is a temple and she loves showing it off.”

Pamela has previously attributed her figure to a mixture of good genes, a meat-free diet and a hectic work and family schedule.

“Good Viking genes, being vegetarian and having rowdy dogs and kids definitely keep me in shape,” she claimed when asked how she stays in shape. “Not eating meat gives me the energy I need to keep up with work, family and travel – I’m very active.”